27 December, 2020

Advice to service users and visitors in light of coronavirus

In the best interests of the health of all our service users, staff, visitors and the wider public, St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS) is currently implementing contingency measures against the potential spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

As part of this, we are operating visiting restrictions in line with the government’s Plan for Living with COVID-19.

Before visiting our campuses, we would ask that you check back here for any relevant developments or information beforehand. Our campus locations and contact details can be found here.


See our current measures below

  • Who can currently attend our campuses?

    Staff members and service users with a clinical need to be onsite, as advised by their clinician or multidisciplinary team, will be admitted to our campuses.

    Following the announcement of Level 5 restrictions by government on Tuesday, 22 December 2020, all visiting to SPMHS campusis is suspended from Sunday, 27 December.

  • What visiting restrictions do we have in place?

    From Sunday, 27 December 2020, all visiting to SPMHS campuses will be suspended in line with the introduction of Level 5 restrictions by government. 

    We are very grateful to our service users and their supporters for their patience and understanding with these restrictions, which are in place to best protect everyone’s health.


  • Are children currently allowed to visit?

    Children cannot currently visit SPMHS campuses, as visiting to all SPMHS campuses is suspended from 27 December 2020.

  • Can I attend a Dean Clinic appointment or day service programme?

    Our day service programmes and most of our Dean Clinic appointments are now being delivered remotely, so we ask that you do not attend our campuses unless arranged with you to do so.

    If you are a current attendee of our Dean Clinics, you will receive a reminder of your appointment(s) by text. If your appointment is taking place by videocall, the reminder text will include a link for you to connect with your clinician by video at your scheduled appointment time. You will also be able to access this link if you are registered to use Your Portal.

    If your appointment is taking place by telephone, your clinician will contact you at your scheduled appointment time.

    If you have queries about your Dean Clinic appointment, please contact your relevant clinic: you'll find contact details here. An administrator will contact you on the day of your appointment to arrange payment by credit or debit card.

    All day services will now be delivered either online or via telephone. A therapist from your day programme will be in contact with you to advise how to connect. If you have an email address, please have that ready when they contact you.

    If you have any queries about your day service appointment, please contact Orlagh Hurley on 01 249 3571.

  • Can I get referred to your services at this time?

    Yes, we are continuing to accept referrals for our services.

    We understand that, with the current public health challenge, you may experience difficulty in getting an appointment with your GP or you may prefer not to visit your GP surgery. If this is the case, and if you require care and treatment for your mental health, you can contact our Support and Information Line from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, by calling 01 249 3333 or emailing our team will be able to assist in processing your referral. If you need immediate mental health support or if you have an urgent query in relation to referrals or treatment outside of these hours, please call 01 249 3200.

    Other referral pathways – such as through your GP, psychiatrist, the Health Service Executive (HSE) and others – are also continuing to operate at this time.

  • Will I be able to be admitted as an inpatient at this time?

    We are continuing to admit inpatient service users.

    We have also introduced a homecare service, consisting of the highest levels of one-to-one support provided remotely to ensure service users receive necessary care and treatment. Through this, you can receive daily or more frequent contact from a multidisciplinary team, while arrangements are put in place with local pharmacies to safely organise supplies of medication if needed to support your recovery. Please contact our Support and Information Line for further information or talk to your GP.

    We will only be physically admitting service users whose clinical mental health risk assessment determines that they need to be admitted to hospital. A member of our Referrals and Admissions Service will contact you on the day before your admission, and will carry out a screening protocol against coronavirus. Any risk factors which may be identified will be discussed and considered with a doctor before admission.

  • What infection control measures will I need to follow if I am on campus?

    A number of restrictions on who can attend our campuses remain in place in order to best protect public health. Please check that you can attend our campus before making the journey.

    Everyone on our campuses should follow the guidelines below at all times.

    • Wash your hands thoroughly before you arrive at the campus
    • Use our hand hygiene gels at the entrance and throughout the campus
    • Identify yourself at the reception desk when you arrive
    • Observe hand hygiene and coughing and sneezing etiquette closely, as promoted by the HSE, throughout your time on the campus
      • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing and sneezing
      • dispose your used tissues into a bin
      • wash your hands thoroughly after coughing or sneezing
      • wash hands thoroughly before leaving the hospital.
    • Follow social distancing measures throughout your time on the campus by keeping a distance of at least one, and preferably two, metres from other people and avoiding physical contact.

    Please note that, when you arrive at the reception desk, you will be asked the three questions below: if you answer positively to any of them, we will be unable to permit entry to the campus.

    • Have you returned to Ireland from any other country (other than Northern Ireland) in the past 14 days?
    • Are you a close contact of a confirmed or suspected case in Ireland?
    • Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms: cough; shortness of breath; breathing difficulties; high temperature?

    In addition, a thermal imaging camera has been installed at the main entrance to St Patrick’s University Hospital. This camera will take your temperature as you come into the building. If you have a temperature equal to or greater than 37.5 degrees Celsius or higher, we will not be in a position to allow your entry to the hospital building.

  • Will I be able to attend a volunteer support group meeting?

    No, all volunteer support group meetings, hosted at both St Patrick's University Hospital (SPUH) in Dublin 8 and St Patrick's, Lucan (SPL), have been postponed until further notice. These include Alcoholic Anonymous, LifeRing, Orientation, OCD Ireland, Aware, AL-ANON and ANEW meetings.

The decision to enact these measures reflects that our campuses are very busy working centres, with close to 300 inpatient beds between them, hundreds of people attending programmes and appointments on a daily basis, and more than 700 staff working in these locations. At all times, our team takes every necessary precaution to best protect the health and safety of all who come through our doors.

We have further information on these measures for GPs available here.

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