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Young Adult Service

The Young Adult Service is a comprehensive mental health service especially designed to meet the needs of young people aged 18 - 25. It consists of an inpatient and day patient programme located at St Patrick's University Hospital and a community clinic located at the Dean Clinic Sandyford, Co Dublin.

 Who are we?

We are a specialist multidisciplinary team with a wide range of clinical skills and experience in helping young people. We aim to provide the most up-to-date evidence-based assessment and treatment of mental health conditions that commonly affect young people. We hope to provide this in an environment that best caters for the needs of young people and their families.

We have a particular focus on early detection, prevention and intervention. One of our principles is to ensure that every person we help plays a central role in their treatment decisions and recovery. We want to make sure that each person has the best chance of recovering no matter how difficult the condition.

The Young Adult Service team is made up of doctors, nurses, cognitive behavioural therapists, a clinical psychologist, family therapist/social worker, occupational therapist, and group programme therapists.

What are the aims of the Young Adult Service?

  • Promote an understanding and awareness of mental health problems and their treatment 
  • Provide a prompt comprehensive multidisciplinary assessment of mental health needs 
  • Provide an individualised programme of mental health treatments, therapies and support 
  • Promote recovery, support and reintegration back into normal life as soon as possible
  • Promote well-being and personal development through psychosocial interventions focusing on self-esteem, problem solving, mental health education, self-awareness/management, coping skills, activity scheduling, socialisation, educational/ occupational support and placements
  • Support the needs of your families and carers
  • Liaise with you and your community mental health teams, support organisations, educational/work supports, and other service providers.

The Young Adult Service endorses the aims of the International Declaration on Youth Mental Health 

Information about young adult mental health is available here.

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