We are committed to advocating at a national level for a society in which the rights of those experiencing mental health difficulties are acknowledged and in which the stigma attached to mental health issues is combatted.

To address this issue and increase awareness of mental health, we produce and distribute information leaflets on the subject, while we also use print and broadcast media interviews to advocate on behalf of those with mental health difficulties.

We have continued to develop constructive relationships with the relevant authorities such as the Department of Health, the Health Service Executive and the Mental Health Commission. In conjunction with three other organisations, we helped to form the Independent Health Service Providers’ Group, later becoming its representative on the Independent Monitoring Group (IMG) which champions the ‘Vision for Change’ initiative.

The Mental Health Commission has recommended that ‘creative ways of involving the independent/private sector in public sector (mental health) projects should be explored’. For our part, we will continue to explore every available avenue in our drive to promote a better public understanding of mental health in Ireland and we have established links with a number of advocacy and service user groups towards this end.

Support and Information

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