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Our Homecare service provides high-quality mental health care and treatment to you in your own home.

What is Homecare?

What is Homecare?

At St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS), our Homecare service delivers the mental healthcare you need directly to you, wherever you are in Ireland. Through the service, you will receive comprehensive mental health support from the comfort of your own home by engaging with your care team through video, phone or other online channels.

The service takes a multidisciplinary approach, which means you will have support from a multidisciplinary team (MDT). An MDT is made up of a range of mental health professionals to ensure all aspects of your care and recovery are looked after in a holistic, integrated way.

What can you expect from Homecare?

What can you expect from Homecare?

Homecare is designed to support your mental health recovery, while also enabling you to remain in familiar surroundings, without having to travel to hospital or being apart from those you care for.

Through Homecare, you:

  • have 24-hour support
  • work with a range of mental health professionals
  • receive daily contact from members of your MDT
  • develop and progress an individual care plan with your MDT
  • get the opportunity to meet others who are experiencing mental health difficulties to learn from and support each other
  • can use our online patient platform.

While in Homecare, you take part in mental health programmes and talk therapies suited to your recovery. This may include group sessions held online with other people receiving treatment, as well as individual therapy sessions with different members of your MDT. The programmes and services you take part in will be identified by your MDT to best meet your specific needs.

We also offer a wide range of recovery-focused social and recreational activities that you can take part in remotely. These include mental health information sessions, as well as leisure and wellbeing activities like yoga, art therapy, relaxation exercises and mindfulness.

Any medication you may need to support your recovery will be reviewed and prescribed through the service, and you will have access to our Pharmacy team to discuss this. We can liaise with local pharmacies to arrange for medication you have been prescribed to be dispensed to you.

You will be invited to use Your Portal, our online platform which enables you to view and share your own health-related information and access mental health information and supports.

Our Service User IT Support (SUITS) service can help you if you need technical support or experience any issues joining appointments or programmes remotely. SUITS can also offer technical assistance in using Your Portal.

Who is Homecare for?

Who is Homecare for?

The Homecare service for adults is available to all age groups from 18, including young adults (18-25) and older adults (65+). 

Referrals are reviewed by a consultant psychiatrist and a team of experienced clinicians. If this review suggests you are best suited for Homecare, you will have the opportunity to discuss this option in full with our team, and receive guidance and instructions before you access the service.

Homecare is supported by the main health insurers. If you have a question about health insurance, you can refer to our health insurance information.

Our Willow Grove Adolescent Unit provides a separate Homecare service for young people aged 12 to 17: learn more about our adolescent Homecare service here.

Download our Homecare service brochure

How are referrals to Homecare made?

How are referrals to Homecare made?

Referrals to Homecare can be made by your GP or healthcare provider.

If you are a GP referring your patient to Homecare, please call 01 249 3635. We also offer more information in our Homecare brochure for referrers here.

For more information on accessing Homecare or our mental health services, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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A note on confidentiality

A note on confidentiality

Please note that, in order to adhere to data protection legislation and to ensure confidentiality, audio or visual recording of remote engagements by any means is not permitted. In all circumstances, recording can only occur with the full, expressed and prior agreement of everyone concerned.


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