About Your Portal

Your Portal is a secure, online platform that you can access on your computer, smartphone or tablet to support your path to mental health recovery.

What is Your Portal?

What is Your Portal?

Your Portal gives you and those you choose a central place to access key information about your care and treatment in St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS).

We are the first health service in Ireland to provide a platform like this for service users. This ensures that you get high-quality care, that you can better understand and monitor your journey of recovery, and that communication with your care team is improved.

When you register with Your Portal, you will be able to:

  • view your appointment details
  • access video links for your scheduled individual appointments
  • receive notifications from your care team
  • complete forms
  • upload documents
  • access other helpful resources for your recovery and wellness.

You can invite a carer - such as a family member, advocate or friend - to use the portal with you, or share access with your GP or any other healthcare provider outside of SPMHS. You control how much access each person you invite has to Your Portal. This may be helpful if you would like someone to support you in using the portal or if you want someone else to have access to information within your record. 

It’s important to remember that you should not send unplanned messages to your care team through Your Portal. Your care team only monitors responses to specific requests to you. If you need to share information recorded in the portal’s journal, allergy or medication sections, please do so when you are in direct contact with your SPMHS clinician, as your care team will not be routinely checking this information in Your Portal. You should also be aware that you will not be able to view your detailed SPMHS electronic health record from Your Portal.

This page will be kept updated with the latest news and improvements.

In the future, you will also be able to:

  • see more information from your SPMHS electronic health record
  • use additional assessments and forms as they become available across all our services.

How secure is Your Portal?

How secure is Your Portal?

Your Portal is very secure. It is hosted by Patients Know Best (PKB), which is one of the leading suppliers of personal health records in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. PKB holds all data in an accredited data centre in the Netherlands, which protects your information behind a secure firewall. Your information is encrypted whether at rest in the portal or being sent to and from the portal. None of your portal information is processed outside of this secure PKB infrastructure.

Only you, your care team at SPMHS, and people you allow - such as a carer, family member, advocate or friend - can access your records.

When you are registering with or logging into Your Portal, a pop-up screen may display in your web browser, asking if you would like to save the email address and password you are using. It is recommended that you do not do this.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a two-step login process for online accounts. If you enable 2FA in Your Portal, you will need to enter your portal password, as well as a code from an authenticator app on your personal smartphone in order to log in to Your Portal. Doing so creates an additional layer of security that is commonly used in many online services today. It is recommended to use 2FA if you can.

You can learn more about our privacy and information controls in our Privacy Notice.

How can you register for Your Portal?

How can you register for Your Portal?

If you are a current service user, a member of your SPMHS team may ask if you wish to sign up to Your Portal. If you would like to sign up, you will be sent an email from our Service User IT Support (SUITS) team with information on what to do and what to expect.

You can also:

You will then receive a further email from PKB, which hosts the portal, inviting you to complete your registration.

When you click on the link in your registration email from PKB, you will be brought through to complete the registration process.

You will need to provide your email address and Eircode to sign up, but you do not need to install or download any new software.

If you need support at any point during the registration process, you can contact our SUITS team.

Can you opt out of Your Portal?

Can you opt out of Your Portal?

If you sign up to use Your Portal, you can still decide to opt out at any time.

If you want to opt out, you must contact our SUITS service by emailing suits@stpatricks.ie or by completing the SUITS online form.

When your decision to opt out is confirmed, access to your portal records will be frozen. You and those you have shared your record with will no longer be able to log into Your Portal.

Your Portal will no longer be updated, but your SPMHS team will be able to view any information you had previously shared with them. This is a standard requirement to meet medical record data retention regulations. Your frozen portal record will then be retained in line with these regulations, unless you decide to sign up to use the portal again.

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