About Your Portal

Your Portal is a secure, online platform that you can access anytime, anywhere to view, record and share your own health-related information using any computer, smartphone or tablet.

Your Portal gives you and those you choose the opportunity to see and add to some key information about your care and treatment in St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS), in a central place. This helps to ensure not only that you get the best care, but that you gain access to tools which help you to understand and monitor your journey of recovery and to improve communications with your care team.

Registration for Your Portal is now available. If you are a current service user, when a member of your SPMHS team is in contact with you, they may check if you wish to sign up to the portal, if you have not already done so. If you would like to sign up, you will first be sent an email from our Service User IT Support (SUITS) team; this will let you know what to expect from the next steps in the registration process and inform you that you will receive a further email from Patients Know Best (PKB), which hosts the portal, inviting you to complete your registration. You can also discuss signing up with a member of staff at any time or contact our Service user IT Support (SUITS) team directly online to sign up to use Your Portal and get support in completing your registration. You do not need to install or download any new software to use Your Portal.

Once you have registered, you can log into and use Your Portal; you’ll find more information about it below.

  • What can you use Your Portal for?

    Your Portal allows you to securely view, record and share your own health-related information, including details of your mental health care and treatment at SPMHS.

    Phase One

    In the first phase of the portal, we will be enabling the sharing of information through a number of portal features.

    After you complete your registration, you can view your future scheduled appointments in SPMHS. If you are attending your appointments by video call, you can also access the video link to your scheduled individual appointments from the portal.  

    You can receive emails and online messages from members of your care team through Your Portal. These will alert you to when you may need to fill in online forms, specific to SPMHS, which contribute to your care and treatment. Your clinician will then receive automatic portal notifications to confirm that you have competed these forms and can view the information you have provided within them to inform your care planning.

    Both you and your care team can upload documents to Your Portal. Our teams will also be able to provide links to a range of SPMHS and other resources and websites which may offer helpful information to support your wellness and recovery.

    If you choose to share access to Your Portal with another person outside of your SPMHS care team, such as a GP or family member, you will also be able to send messages to them.

    You will not be asked to and should never send unplanned messages to your care team through Your Portal. This is because your care team will only monitor your responses to specific requests made to you through the portal, such as those to complete forms or read documents; if you need to contact or share information about your mental health condition with your care team, separate to these specific requests, we ask that you do not use the portal for these important and potentially urgent communications.

    If you or any person you have invited to use Your Portal enter information other than that listed above, such as journal entries, allergies, medications or test results in those specific areas of the portal, please note that your care team will not be routinely checking this information. If you need to inform your care team about or discuss information recorded in these areas, please do so when you are in direct contact with your SPMHS clinician.

    Future phases

    We will use some of the additional features available within the portal in future phases.

    As the rollout of the portal continues, you will also be able to:

    • see further key information shared from your SPMHS electronic health record by our team, such as your diagnosis, medication prescribed during your care, and some test results
    • use additional assessments and forms as they become available across all our services
    • view new informational videos
    • use features such as being able to monitor and track your own mood, sleep or eating patterns and similar, enabling you to discuss these as required during your appointment with your clinician.

    We will share further information about the functions and services here as they become available.

    These services aim to improve your journey of mental health recovery, both during and after your treatment, by empowering you to view and contribute to your care plan and gain further insight to your health.

    You will not be able to view your detailed SPMHS electronic health record from Your Portal.

  • How secure is your information?

    Your Portal is built to keep your information private and very secure. Only you, your care team at SPMHS, and anyone you choose to invite to it – such as a family member or GP - can access your record.

    Your Portal is hosted by Patients Know Best (PKB), which is one of the leading suppliers of personal health records in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. PKB holds all data in an accredited data centre in the Netherlands, which protects your information behind a secure firewall. Your information is encrypted whether at rest in the portal or being sent to and from the portal. None of your portal information is processed outside of this secure PKB infrastructure.

    You can find more information about our privacy and information controls in our Privacy Policy.

  • Can you share access to Your Portal?

    You can invite a carer - such as a family member, advocate or friend - to use the portal with you. You can also share access to Your Portal with your GP or any other healthcare provider outside of SPMHS.

    This may be helpful if you would like someone to support you in using the portal or if you want someone else to have access to information within your record. If a family member is supporting you with your mental health or any specific care needs, for example, you may find it both reassuring and practical to share details like your upcoming appointments with them.

    You choose who outside of your SPMHS care team you would like to share your record with. You can add the person or people you wish to have access to your record in a “sharing” section of the portal. This also gives you control of how much access each person has to your information.

    You can also send messages through the portal to other people that you have chosen to share access to your record with.

    If you would like guidance or support in sharing access to Your Portal, our SUITS team can help.

  • Is there a cost to use Your Portal?

    There is no cost to you to use Your Portal: it is provided to improve communication between you and your care team and to empower you to contribute to your care planning and recovery in an easily accessible, secure way.

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