Remote Services

To ensure people can continue to receive the care they need during the coronavirus outbreak, we have introduced remote access to our services via phone, video or online channels.

What are your remote services?

What are your remote services?

Our new homecare service offers all the elements of our inpatient programmes, but provided to you remotely in your own home. As well as daily contact, therapy sessions and meetings with our multidisciplinary teams, this service includes arrangements with local pharmacies to safely supply you with the medication you may need as part of your treatment.

Meanwhile, all of our services and day programmes are being delivered through phone, video and online technologies. We provide care and treatment for a range of mental health conditions, including addictions and dual diagnosis, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders, psychosis, and mental health difficulties in older adults as well as young adults.

Remote appointments are also being provided to all those who use our community Dean Clinic services, conducted over video or phone.

You will be fully supported in getting set up with the technological channels for your treatment. This suite of services has been introduced to ensure that you can receive the mental healthcare you need, while we work together to stop the spread of COVID-19. If your clinical need requires it, access to inpatient care will still remain available.

For more information on these services, please call us on 01 249 3333.

If you are a GP referring your patient to our homecare service, please call 01 249 3635.

How can I access remote services?

If you are new to our services, you can access these remote supports through a referral from your GP, psychiatrist, the Health Service Executive, and others.

How can I access remote services?

We understand that, with the current public health challenge, you may experience difficulty in getting an appointment with your GP or you may prefer not to visit your GP surgery. If this is the case, and if you require care and treatment for your mental health, you can contact our Support and Information Line from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, by calling 01 249 3333 or emailing our team will be able to assist in processing your referral.

If you need immediate mental health support or if you have an urgent query in relation to referrals or treatment outside of these hours, please call 01 249 3200.

If you are a current attendee of our Dean Clinics, you will be contacted about attending your appointment by video, keeping the same time and clinician as previously arranged. Instructions on how to take part in the video communications will also be sent to you by email in this case. If you have queries about your Dean Clinic appointment, please contact your relevant clinic: you'll find contact details here

If you are currently attending a day programme, a therapist from the programme will be in contact with you to advise how to connect with your session. Please contact Orlagh Hurley on 01 249 3571 with queries about your day service appointment.

All of our remote services are being supported by the main health insurers.

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