Service User IT Support

Our Service User IT Support (SUITS) service can help you to use Your Portal or attend remote appointments.

Our SUITS team offers a range of supports for service users here in St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS), including:

SUITS can also answer queries or troubleshoot problems if you experience issues while using Your Portal. If you are using Microsoft Teams (MS Teams) to access our remote services, SUITS can also offer you technical advice and help if you come across any issues.


What does SUITS deal with?

What does SUITS deal with?

SUITS deals with technical queries and information support relating to Your Portal or access to MS Teams.

SUITS is not a clinical service. When you use the contact details for SUITS, your queries are directed to SUITS staff, not your clinician. We ask that you do not submit any queries about your medical condition or medication to the SUITS team. If you have a mental health or medical query, please contact your clinical team.

How can you contact SUITS?

How can you contact SUITS?

You can call SUITS on 01 249 3629, or email your query to You can also use the online form below to make your support request.

SUITS is available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Any contact outside of these hours will be checked the next working day.

When you get in touch with the team, please provide as much information as possible for your query. This can include the device you are using when trying to access your session (for example, an iPhone or iPad, Android device, Mac, PC or others), the web browser you are using (such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and others) or anything else that could be useful for the team to resolve the issue.

When you request assistance from SUITS, you are agreeing for the SUITS team to contact you in order to provide support. Any emails and voice messages collected during the team’s contact with you will be deleted when:

  • the problem is resolved
  • the team’s support is no longer required, or
  • the team confirms that it has taken all measures to resolve your problem without success.

Service User IT Support | Online Form

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We need your date of birth to correctly match your request to your profile in our electronic health records.
Your email address is needed for access to Your Portal and video appointments on Microsoft Teams.
We need your phone number to get in touch with you to provide support with your query.
We need your Eircode to correctly match your request to your profile in our electronic health records. You can visit to check your Eircode.

Your query
The SUITS service operates from Monday to Friday. Please choose a day from Monday to Friday and give at least two working days' notice when choosing a date to allow our team to best schedule a call with you.

By submitting this form, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Notice. Please follow the link below to read this notice.

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Learn about the SUITS walk-in service