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17 August, 2022

Celebrating carers in the mental health recovery journey

Illustration of two people sitting together and talking, with one person offering a hand to the other person in support, accompanied by the text "Celebrating carers in the mental health recovery journey"

Watch a webinar celebrating the valuable role of family members, carers and supporters in mental health recovery.

At St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS), we host an annual Recovery Festival to celebrate mental health recovery and to promote wellbeing.

As one of this festival, our Service Users and Supporters Council (SUAS) has held a webinar to mark the important role of family members, carers and supporters in the recovery journey.

The webinar also explores ways in which family members, carers and supporters can be supported in their roles.


During the webinar, our Medical Director, Professor Paul Fearon, looks at the vital roles that family members and supporters can play in the recovery journey. He also speaks about some of the barriers that can prevent this involvement from happening.

A member of our Social Work Department will talk about Mental Health Recovery: A Family Perspective, our free information series for families and carers of people living with a mental health difficulty. This series includes a wide range of webinars, covering diverse mental health topics from a family or carer perspective.

Members of SUAS talk about the role that the council plays in ensuring the views and opinions of people who use our services, and of the people who support them, inform and shape our development. SUAS also discuss the Carers and Supporters Information Guide that they developed, speaking about why they felt it was important to produce a guide for carers that is written from a service user perspective.

You can watch the webinar below.

Family Members, Carers and Supporters Advisory Network

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