Service User and Supporters Council - SUAS

Our service users and those who support them can directly inform all we do by taking part in our Service User and Supporters Council (SUAS).

What is SUAS?

What is SUAS?

In St Patrick's Mental Health Services (SPMHS), SUAS is one of the key service user engagement structures we have in place.

Through SUAS, our service users and those who support them can share and present their opinions and perspectives on our services and how we develop as an organisation.

We actively listen to and act on the views and perspectives of SUAS members, who work and liaise with our clinicians, management, and Board of Governors to give insight and feedback on how we can develop and improve our mental health services. This can involve reviewing and responding to different plans and projects; suggesting changes to enhance care and treatment experiences; or taking part in other activities, such as delivering talks or contributing to mental health information and campaigns.

You can learn more about SUAS and how to join it here.

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Service user engagement is central to our vision and strategy. See more about our plans for service user participation as part of our 2023 to 2027 strategy in the video below.

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