The Service User and Supporters Council (SUAS) is a forum established by St Patrick's Mental Health Services to facilitate extensive service user participation which directly informs how we as an organisation develop our services.

Service User and Supporters Council

Service User and Supporters Council

The Council consists of a voluntary group of current and ex service users who meet regularly and work with management, the Board, clinicians and services to capture and represent the views, needs and wishes of all service users, ensuring their needs are at the centre of every aspect of the care and treatment that St Patrick's delivers.

The objective of the council is to act as advocates in representing the views, experiences and aspirations of services users and their families. The overall purpose and aim of the council is to enhance the experience for service users, and their families, who undertake courses of treatment here at St Patrick's and to ensure that they have a positive experience in all aspects of their treatment both during and after their stay.

What does SUAS do?

  • It works to give a voice to those who are in hospital. Its main focus is that of listening to and representing the views of service users and their carers of the therapeutic treatment, care and support provided by the hospitals
  • It holds consumer lectures to provide service users with information about its activities and to provide a forum for current service users to express their views in an open setting. It also works to ensure that this feedback is acted upon
  • They also seeks to develop strategic partnerships with other organisations involved in mental health 
  • It works to advance the process of open communication in all aspects of mental health care and to advance this process on behalf of services, patients and carers

Contact us

You can contact us in the following ways:

In writing: 
Service User and Supporters Council, 
St Patrick's University Hospital, 
PO Box 136, 
Dublin 8

By email:

By telephone: 01 249 3390

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