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14 June, 2022

Opportunities open to join two new mental health advisory groups

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St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS) is inviting family members, carers and supporters of people going through mental health recovery to join two new advisory groups.

The two advisory groups are being set up to ensure that new developments within SPMHS are shaped and monitored by people who have experience in using mental health services, along with their family members and supporters.

We believe that those who support people going through mental health recovery have unique perspectives and expertise which is invaluable in shaping the future of mental health services.

Family Members, Carers and Supporters Advisory Network

Family Members, Carers and Supporters Advisory Network

Family members, carers and supporters of our current or former service users are invited to join our new Family Members, Carers and Supporters (FCS) Advisory Network, which is launching soon.

We are beginning to develop a new strategic plan to follow on from our current Changing Minds. Changing Lives. strategy. As part of this, we are setting up the FCS Advisory Network to enable us to engage and consult with people who support our service users. This ensures that the views and perspectives of our service users’ family members, carers and supporters are included as we develop and implement our new strategic plan.

FCS Advisory Network members will be kept informed about focus groups and consultation forums which they can attend. These groups provide the opportunity for us to present ideas to the network, and for members to share their ideas and opinions on these.

Members will also be invited to join working groups and steering committees for new projects. They can join our Service User and Supporters Council (SUAS) too.

To join the FSC Advisory Network, simply complete the registration form further down this page. By doing so, you will be added to the FSC Advisory Network mailing list, where you will receive regular updates about opportunities to take part in various groups or projects. You will also be kept informed about events and initiatives that may be of interest to you. There is no obligation to take part in the different groups and projects, and you can opt out of the network and mailing list at any time.

Academic Institute Steering Group

Academic Institute Steering Group

The Academic Institute Steering Group is being set up by our Empowering Recovery Mental Health Academic Institute. The institute is a new and important development which will help to advance the role of teaching and education in empowering mental health recovery. It will nurture and monitor the continuing development of research, training and education in SPMHS, working with trusted partners as part of this.

The new steering group aims to ensure that the research agenda for the Academic Institute is focused on recovery. Lived experiences will help to inform academic and clinical research and training that we and our partners undertake.

The Academic Institute Steering Group will be made up of mental health service user representatives, their families and supporters, our Chief Executive Officer and our Medical Director. Expressions of interest are currently being welcomed from mental health service users, their family members and other people who support them. This can include representatives of people who have used our services here in SPMHS, as well as other mental health services.

The group will meet twice a year. Members of the group will receive documents to review ahead of the meetings. These documents, meeting notices and all steering group updates will be sent by email. Our Service User IT Support (SUITS) service can provide technical support to group members.

Service user and supporter membership of the Academic Institute Steering Group is voluntary. An honorarium payment of €30 will be provided to these members for attending meetings.  

To apply for membership of the steering group, please email with an application letter that outlines your interest and relevant experience. The closing date for applications is Friday, 22 July 2022. A shortlisting and interview process will take place in the weeks after this closing date.

More information

More information

If you would like more information about the FCS Advisory Network or the Academic Institute Steering Group, please contact our Service User Engagement Lead, Siobhan Fitzharris, by calling 01 249 3390 or emailing

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