Service User Advisory Network - SUAN

Our Service User Advisory Network (SUAN) is an important part of how we gather and act on our service users’ feedback.

We believe that the people who engage with our services have direct experience in mental health recovery and mental health services. We also believe that these service users can bring an important and unique perspective to the development of those services: your expertise, ideas, and opinions are invaluable in shaping the future of St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS).

What is SUAN?

What is SUAN?

We set up SUAN to enable us to consult with and seek the views and opinions of people who have used our services. SUAN also allows us to engage with people who support our service users.

This ensures that the views and perspectives of our service users are included as we develop and implement our new strategic plan, The Future in Mind.

You can see what SUAN is currently consulting on here.

What does becoming a member of SUAN involve?

What does becoming a member of SUAN involve?

Members of SUAN are kept informed by email about focus groups and consultation forums that they can attend. These groups and forums provide the opportunity for us to present ideas to the members of the network about changes being considered. They also give members the chance to share their ideas and opinions to make sure that the views of people who use our services are heard and included.

SUAN members are also invited to join working groups and steering committees to help develop new projects.

As many projects SUAN consults on may be sensitive, members are asked to sign a confidentiality agreement when joining SUAN to keep information about the project private.

How do I join SUAN?

How do I join SUAN?

To join SUAN, simply complete the registration form further below with your contact information. You will be asked to indicate what kinds of activities you would like to take part in as a member of SUAN.

What happens when I join SUAN?

What happens when I join SUAN?

Once you have registered, you will be added to the SUAN mailing list, where you will receive regular updates by email about opportunities to take part in various groups or projects. You will also be kept informed about events and initiatives that may be of interest to you.

There is no obligation to take part in the different groups and projects, and you can opt out of the network and mailing list at any time.

Can a family member, carer, or supporter join SUAN?

Can a family member, carer, or supporter join SUAN?

We have a Family Members, Carers, and Supporters (FCS) Advisory Network, which is like SUAN, but is made up of people who support our current and former service users. You can find out more about the FCS Advisory Network here.

As a family member, carer, or supporter of our service users, you can also become a member of our Service User and Supporters Council (SUAS). Read more about SUAS here.  

If you would like more information about SUAN, please contact our Service User Engagement Lead, Siobhan Fitzharris, by calling 01 249 3390 or emailing

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We run a Service User Advisory Network, which is an opportunity for our former and current service users to provide input and involvement into the strategic development of the organisation. You will receive emails regarding updates from the network.
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