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Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy is a profession concerned with what we do in our daily lives and how this both affects and is affected by our health.

Occupation includes:

  • Looking after yourself (self-care)
  • Enjoying your life and being with others (leisure and social life)
  • Being productive (for example, work or college activities).

The main goal of occupational therapy is to support you to take part in the everyday activities that matter to you. Occupational therapy aims to contribute to your sense of wellbeing, independence and satisfaction in daily life.

Occupational Therapy Manager

Sherrie E. Buckley

 Sherrie is the Occupational Therapy Manager for St Patrick’s Mental Health Services.  She chairs the organizations Falls Committee.  Sherrie is involved with the literacy working group.  She is a member of the Capital Re-development Group and Art Committee.  Sherrie coordinates the driving programme within the organization and has a keen interest in driving and community mobility.  She also works on the Wellness and Recovery Programme. 

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