Clinical Governance

We are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards in all aspects of our service provision and physical surroundings for the benefit of our service users.

To enable us to continuously improve the quality and safety of our services, we pay particular attention to Clinical Governance measures within the organisation. Clinical governance is a systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of Service User care. Clinical governance includes quality improvement, implementation of regulatory standards, education and training of staff, clinical audit activities, clinical effectiveness, policy development, risk management including incident review, information management and complaints management. In St Patrick’s Mental Health Service’s, the Clinical Governance Committee meets weekly and is chaired by the Director of Services. Other members of the Clinical Governance Committee include the Clinical Director, The Director of Nursing, The Programme Manager for Clinical Governance, the Mental Health Act Administrator, the Head of the Social Work Department, The Nurse Practice Development Co-ordinator, and the Chief Pharmacist. The achievement of excellent results from the Mental Health Commission annual inspection process for all three approved centres (St Patrick’s University Hospital, St Patrick's Lucan Hospital & Willow Grove) underlines how effective we have been in these areas.

Programme Manager for Clinical Governance

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