Referrals open for depression and bipolar programmes

Referrals are now being accepted for two key programmes at St Patrick's Mental Health Services (SPMHS).

Programme overviews

Programme overviews

GPs can now refer patients to both the Depression Recovery Programme and Bipolar Recovery Programme.

Both programmes are run by a team of mental healthcare clinicians and combine cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), compassion-focused approaches and mindfulness-based stress reduction. They both run online through Microsoft Teams.

Depression Recovery Programme

The Depression Recovery Programme is a 10-week psychotherapy online group intervention. The programme offers education and support to people diagnosed with depression or who experience the symptoms associated with depression.

After finishing the 10-week programme, service users can receive ongoing support through the Depression Aftercare Programme, which is a half-day session once a month, for up to a year.

Bipolar Recovery Programme

The Bipolar Recovery Programme provides support and education to people diagnosed with bipolar disorder or who experience symptoms linked with bipolar disorder. It takes place as a 10-week psychotherapy online group intervention.

The programme allows service users to gain an understanding of bipolar disorder and helps them to effectively manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

After the 10-week programme, service users can join the Bipolar Aftercare Programme, which is a half-day session once a month, for up to a year. It helps the service user to develop their skills of managing the condition and provides ongoing adjustment support throughout recovery, with an emphasis on developing self-compassion and mindfulness.

Service users who have completed the Bipolar Recovery Programme can also attend bipolar educational seminars which take place for a half-day once a month. These seminars explore a series of topics that cover the different aspects of recovery and treatment. The topics covered aim to further equip the service user in managing bipolar symptoms and mood management.



Please click here to refer a patient to either of these programmes.

Patients do not need to be under the care of a SPMHS consultant to be referred to either programme. If referring a patient to a day programme, they must have a diagnosis or history of a mental health difficulty. Please note that the referrer retains clinical responsibility for the service user while they are attending a SPMHS day programme.

If you require any further information, contact our Referral and Assessment Service by emailing or phoning 01 249 3635.

Please note that, upon receipt, all referrals will be processed by SPMHS Day Services for insurance clearance purposes.

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