Referrals to the Bipolar Recovery and Depression Recovery Programmes

The Bipolar Recovery and Depression Recovery programmes are 10 week programmes that are beginning new cycles later this year.

Learn more about these programmes

Learn more about these programmes

Saint Patrick’s Mental Health Services accepts referrals from GPs to a number of our day programmes, including the Bipolar Recovery and Depression Recovery programmes.

Depression Recovery Programme

The Depression Recovery Programme is a 10 week psychotherapy group programme for people diagnosed with depression, or who experience the symptoms associated with depression. The programme offers the opportunity to gain an understanding of depression, equipping the service user with the tools necessary to effectively manage their symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Following completion of the 10 week programme, service users may wish to receive ongoing support through the Depression Aftercare Programme, which is a half-day session once a month, for up to a year.

The next cycle of this programme will begin in September. Please note, a person being referred to this programme needs to have a diagnosis or history of a mental health difficulty.

For more information on the Depression Recovery Programme, please contact Lisa Smyth ( and Colette Akhtar Byrne (

Bipolar Recovery Programme

The Bipolar Recovery Programme is 10 week group programme for people who are diagnosed with or who experience symptoms associated with bipolar disorder. The programme supports service users to better understand bipolar disorder, to manage symptoms, and to improve quality of life.

The Bipolar Aftercare Programme is available to people who have completed the 10 week programme and provides ongoing adjustment support for service users during all stages of recovery, with an emphasis on developing self-compassion and mindfulness.

The next cycle of the Bipolar Recovery Programme is due to begin in October. For more information, contact Lisa Smyth ( and Helen Price (

Make a referral

Make a referral

GPs and healthcare professionals can make referrals to our programmes. You can find more information on how to refer to our programmes here.

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