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16 September, 2022

Migration, Mental Health and Resilience

The Women’s Mental Health Network (WMHN) invites you to an online event exploring women’s experiences of migration and seeking asylum.

Migration and women’s mental health

‘Migration, Mental Health and Resilience’ looks at how women’s mental health can be impacted by their experiences of migration and asylum seeking.

For migrant women, isolation can be a common issue which can negatively affect their mental health. Language barriers, discrimination and unequal treatment can also pose further challenges to migrant women in accessing mental health services.

This webinar aims to support mental health professionals to be inclusive of the experiences of migrant women in their practice, and to highlight services and resources which can be helpful in this.

This event took place on 16 September 2022, but you can watch it back below now.


Speakers at this webinar include:

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