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14 June, 2022

Supporting the supporters: Minding your mental health in the caring role

A couple with serious expressions on their faces sit together, while the woman rests her head on her male partner's shoulder.

St Patrick's Mental Health Services (SPMHS) invites you to watch a webinar on minding your mental health while in a caring role.

This webinar is part of our Mental Health Recovery: A Family Perspective series.

It focuses on supporting the supporters and gives guidance on how to look after your own wellbeing as a carer.

Elaine Donnelly and Niamh Fox from the Social Work Department here at SPMHS lead the webinar.

You can watch the webinar from Elaine and Niamh below.

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From watching back previous events in our family information series to downloading our Carers and Supporters Information Guide, you can access lots of information and resources to help you support someone going through a mental health difficulty here on our website. Find out more below.

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