Carers and Supporters

11 January, 2022

Family Information Series: An Overview of Eating Distress

St Patrick's Mental Health Services (SPMHS) hosts a webinar for families to explore eating distress and eating disorders.

This webinar in our Mental Health Recovery: A Family Perspective series is called An Overview of Eating Distress: Living with and supporting an adult who is experiencing an eating disorder. Dr Toni O'Connor and Dr Fionnoula McEnery from our Eating Disorders Department will present this topic from the perspective of the family member, supporter or carer.

Support from family members and friends is a key component in recovery from an eating disorder (ED). This webinar aims to help you in that supporting role by providing you with information on EDs and insights into how EDs can impact not only the person experiencing the ED, but also on you in the caring role.

When supporting someone in mental health recovery, family members often find it challenging to access simple practical information on mental ill-health, services, support and self-care. This webinar aims to address any questions or concerns you, as a carer or supporter, may have.

You can watch the webinar below.

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