St Patrick's Mental Health Services eNewsletter - June 2018

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services is the largest independent, not-for-profit mental health service in Ireland. In May 2018, we launched an ambitious five-year strategy ‘Changing Minds. Changing Lives. (2018-2022)’. At the heart of this strategy is the establishment of The Jonathan Swift Campus for Mentally Healthy Living. This national centre will be the first in the world to provide a full range of mentally healthy living initiatives for the general population. These initiatives include technological innovation, research, advocacy centres and institutes, alongside the provision of comprehensive recovery-based treatment services for those with mental health difficulties.

Our vision is for a society where all citizens are empowered and given the opportunity to live mentally healthy livesOur organisation works to provide the highest quality mental healthcare, to promote mentally healthy living and mental health awareness, to advocate for the rights of those experiencing mental health difficulties, to support the investigation into and the enhancement of evidence-based knowledge and to develop the competencies of those committing to work in mental health and the organisations providing mental healthcare.

Each year, St Patrick’s Mental Health Services continues to provide mental health services to a range of public and independent health sector service providers. These service requests are typically made to St Patrick’s Mental Health Services through a senior business manager, head of mental health services or the executive clinical director and usually occurs where capacity or resource constraints exist within a service for a short period of time. St Patrick’s Mental Health Services has and do provide a range of mental health services by agreement on a short and medium basis, including the following;

  • Adult mental health assessment
  • Inpatient care and treatment
  • Adult day services
  • Adolescent assessment services
  • Adolescent inpatient services

In addition, we recognise that an essential element of quality mental healthcare is the principle of early assessment in order to identify the most appropriate pathway of care for an individual. In November 2017, St Patrick’s Mental Health Services introduced The Prompt Assessment of Needs (PAON) service which is carried out by experienced mental health nurses in our Referral & Assessment Service (R&A), via telephone or audio-visual telecommunications. The PAON provides early access to assessment from the service user’s own home without the need to travel and significantly reduces the average waiting time for the initial assessment of new referrals. The PAON service assists the R&A clinicians to establish the most appropriate service pathway of care for a service user.

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services continues to develop its mental health services in consultation with its service users, clinicians and partners and welcome feedback to ensure our services remain relevant, of a high quality and responsive.

If you have a particular mental service requirement which you believe St Patrick’s Mental Health Services can assist with, please contact Orla Gogarty, Director of Business Development on 01-2493467 and at

We look forward to continued partnership with mental health service providers across the country to realise a shared vision in providing access to the highest quality mental health services for all citizens.

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