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12 June, 2018

Referring to St Patrick’s Mental Health Services via Healthmail

Following feedback to St Patrick’s Mental Health Services from a number of GPs, the Organisation has introduced a facility to refer to St Patrick’s via email using ‘Healthmail’.

GPs with access to ‘Healthmail’ can now, if they wish, send referrals to our Referral & Assessment Service by emailing via their secure ‘Healthmail’ email account.

GPs that wish to continue faxing referrals to the Referral & Assessment Service can do so on this Fax number: 01 249 3609. This fax machine is located in a secure area, only accessible by appropriate staff.   

The preferred option for referral to St Patrick’s Mental Health Services is via eReferral:

  • eReferrals can be sent electronically via Healthlink or via your GP Practice IT Management System (such as Socrates or HealthOne).
  • Simply select St Patrick's Mental Health Services from the private hospital list and then Psychiatric Referral Service from departments.
  • After this is completed, the team at St Patrick’s will respond. 

For further enquiries, you can contact the Referral & Assessment Service at 01 2493635.

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