SPMHS newsletter – September 2018

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services is Ireland’s largest, independent, not-for-profit mental health service provider which works to provide the highest quality mental healthcare, to promote mental wellbeing and mental health awareness, and to advocate for the rights of those experiencing mental health difficulties. We achieve this through a human rights-based approach, through the enhancement of evidence-based knowledge and by striving to be at the cutting-edge of new initiatives and advances in the field.

In May 2018, we launched a new five year Strategy, Changing Minds. Changing Lives. Strategy 2018-2022. At the heart of our strategy is the establishment of The Jonathan Swift Campus for Mentally Healthy Living. This national centre will be the first in the world to provide a full range of mentally healthy living initiatives for the general population. These initiatives include technological innovation, research, advocacy centres and institutes, alongside the provision of comprehensive recovery-based treatment services for those with mental health difficulties.

Our off-campus service network will continue to be optimised. This will involve the consolidation of Dublin Dean Clinics while expanding the Associate Dean Clinic Model. These developments will be supported by a range of initiatives to deliver operational excellence across the organisation and for services users and partners

Over the past three years, we have established service agreements collaboratively with a number of HSE CHO Mental Health Divisional Teams to assist in responding to critical demands for such services. These include service agreements to provide access to child and adolescent mental health assessment and treatment and also adult inpatient services. These service agreements continue to operate in 2018.

Following on from the successful implementation of our electronic health record in 2017, St Patrick’s Mental Health Services is continuing to develop a number of digital health initiatives. This involves using technology to enable access to our mental health services such as video-conferencing for remote access to our assessment and therapy services. We welcome opportunities in leveraging these technology-enabled services to respond to national and critical mental health service needs.  For enquiries, please contact Orla Gogarty, Director of Digital Health, Transformation and Partnerships at ogogarty@stpatsmail.com or 01-2493467

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