Developing Service User Participation

We continue to encourage active service user participation through our Service Users and Supporters Council, SUAS. An evaluation of SUAS was carried out in 2017, the results of which will be available in 2018.

A service user nominee sits on our Board of Governors and service users participate in a wide range of areas across St Patrick's Mental Health Services (SPMHS).

Speaking Plain English

SPMHS is the first mental health organisation to participate in the National Adult Literacy Agency’s (NALA) Plain English initiative. We have committed to becoming a more literacy friendly organisation and to using plain English in our written and verbal communications where possible. We regularly evaluate and continually improve our literacy friendly service. Our multidisciplinary Literacy Committee with service user representation meets quarterly.

For several years now, the HR Department at SPMHS has contributed to enhancing service user participation and involvement in the hospital by inviting service users to sit on interview panels for relevant roles. The insights and contributions from service user panel members have proven to be invaluable and we will continue to develop this practice.

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