GP films: New CPD-accredited films coming soon

New CPD-accredited films for GPs coming soon

New CPD-accredited films for GPs coming soon

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services offers GPs an exclusive portal with access to CPD-accredited mental health films. The films, available here,  are produced specifically with the GP in mind and feature experts and practitioners working in St Patrick’s Mental Health Services.

There are currently five films available on the portal, with two more to be added in the coming weeks.

 Each film is approximately 30 minutes in duration and covers a wide range of mental health topics:

  • *Coming Soon*: Gender Dysphoria and Variance in Adolescents (CPD TBC): Dr Aileen Murtagh explores adolescent transgender healthcare in the GP surgery
  • *New*: Vulnerability hacking: Social media and eating disorders (CPD TBC): Dr Colman Noctor looks at social media and its impact on eating disorders for adolescents
  • Successful ageing in the Older Population (0.5 CPD): Dr Declan Lyons gives an overview of successful ageing and addressing negative stereotyping
  • An overview of compassion-focused therapy for eating disorders (1 CPD): Dr Clodagh Dowling, Senior Principal Clinical Psychologist, presents compassion-focused therapy for eating disorders (CFT-E) with a focus on both quantitative changes in participants’ relationship with themselves, others and their eating disorder.
  • Adolescent Mental Health (1 CPD): Dr Aileen Murtagh looks at common adolescent mental health difficulties that are likely to present in the GP surgery
  • Anxiety Presentations in Primary Care (1 CPD): Dr Michael McDonough presents an overview of anxiety disorders and their presentations in primary care.
  • GP & Physician Mental Health (1 CPD): Professor Jim Lucey discusses the nature of delivering a health service while considering your own mental health


To access the GP Portal, please follow these steps;

  1. Visit and select the GP and Referrals tab on the home page.
  2. Within GP and Referrals, click on the Online GP CPD tab and click on the link to log in to the portal.
  3. You will be redirected to a separate window to create an account on your initial visit to the portal.
  4. To watch any of the films within the portal, you will need the access code – gpaccess18!
  5. Once you have viewed a film, you can return to the portal to complete a quick online assessment and download your CPD certificate.





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