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Self-care tip for GPs – Make time for leisure

Research indicates a positive link between enjoying personal interests outside of work, and job satisfaction and protection from burnout.[1]

Over Christmas and the New Year period, why not take advantage of your spare time to reconnect with a past hobby or try out something new.

Some helpful websites if you’re looking for ideas:

Hobbies, arts and crafts:
Park Runs:  
Social activities:  
Cultural events: 
National museums: 

[1] LeFloch et al (2019) Which positive factors give general practitioners job satisfaction and make general practice a rewarding career? A European multicentric qualitative research by the European general practice research network. BMC Family Practice 20 (96) Doi: 10.1186/s12875-019-0985-9

You can find more self-care tips for GPs here:

You can find more self-care tips for GPs here:

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