20 March, 2023

Watch: #NoStigma at Work

Twitter card for No Stigma card showing a female footballer player saying "Stigma doesn't play, I do"

The workplace is an important space to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination.

As part of our #NoStigma campaign, St Patrick's Mental Health Services (SPMHS) is pleased to have released a video exploring mental health and workplace rights. 

The short video explores how we can end mental health stigma at work by understanding:

  • our rights to be protected from discrimination
  • laws protecting us from workplace discrimination
  • reasonable accommodations employers must make
  • supports for employees and employers.



We also hosted a #NoStigma webinar aiming to inform people experiencing mental health difficulties; their friends, family or carers; and employers of the support that they might require upon their return, or entry, to the workplace. This includes the supports employers in Ireland are obliged to provide to employees and the rights of people experiencing or recovering from mental health difficulties.

Speakers included representatives from our team here in SPMHS, the Rehab Group, EmployAbility and the Open Doors Initiative. Three people who have received care for their mental health also spoke about their experience of returning to work.

You can watch the webinar below.

Information booklet

Information booklet

You can find more information on dealing with mental health stigma in the workplace in our #NoStigma at Work booklet.

Download the booklet

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