First Fortnight

11 January, 2024

Cistin | First Fortnight 2024

Logos for the First Fortnight mental health arts festival and St Patrick's Mental Health Services

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS) and First Fortnight invite you to Cistin for an evening of music and storytelling.

“Cistin” is the Irish word for “kitchen”. Here at SPMHS, we are partnering with First Fortnight, Ireland’s arts and mental health festival, and welcoming you to our cistin for a celebration of community and connection through music, poetry and performance.

Cistin takes place from 6pm to 8pm on Thursday, 11 January 2024 in the Lecture Hall of St Patrick’s University Hospital, Dublin 8.

Trudie Gorman, a writer, performance poet, and community development worker, is curating the event, bringing together three special guest performers for the night.

One performer joining us for the event is Dafe Orugbo, a multidisciplinary artist who has a dynamic artistic practice. Dafe has achieved international acclaim as one half of hip-hop duo Tebi Rex, releasing two albums and touring Ireland, the United Kingdom and Europe. Dafe also writes on a wide range of topics - from modern Ireland to Greek mythology - and is an experienced public speaker, live performer, writer, spoken word artist, and podcaster.

Jess Marie Timlin is also performing at Cistin. Jess Marie is a queer singer-songwriter from Dublin who creates emotionally raw, captivating music through combining alternative pop with indie folk. She performs with her guitar at open mics and showcases around Dublin, and is set to release music in 2024.

Our final performer is Tara Carroll, a multidisciplinary and award-winning artist whose collaborative art practice creates meaningful interactions for communities of interest to elevate their voices through artistic expression. They strive to use their practice, privilege and position to advocate and alleviate barriers for communities, such as the queer and disability communities, to access art and spaces. They also run Chronic Collective, an art collective focused on performance and accessibility.

You can find out more about Cistin here.

A number of tickets to the event are reserved for our service users and their families, and for our staff; information on how to book these tickets will be shared with service users and staff internally.

Other First Fortnight events

Here at SPMHS, we are also delighted to present a number of online art workshops for our service users as part of and in partnership with the First Fortnight festival. We will share details of and booking information for the workshops internally with our service users.

First Fortnight is a charity which aims to challenges mental health stigma through arts and cultural action. Every year, it hosts a mental health, arts and culture across Ireland during the month of January. Learn more about First Fortnight here.

See how music and culture can support mental health

See how music and culture can support mental health