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First Fortnight

13 January, 2019

at St Patrick's University Hospital

Hyde & Seek - First Fortnight

This event is in partnership with the First Fortnight Festival

We’re all hiding something, but Mel is different. Mel has someone to Hyde. Which would have been grand, if she wasn’t trying to seduce someone ELSE at the same time. Hyde & Seek is a heart-wincing physical comedy about falling in love and getting found out. A universal tale of awkward mating rituals, toxic friendships and the dark sides of self doubt. Hyde & Seek was developed at Scene + Heard 2018 and at FRINGE LAB with the support of Dublin Fringe Festival.

This is a non verbal theatre piece.

Also contains adult themes.

Event Dates

11 January - 18:00 St. Patrick's Hospital, Dublin
12 January - 13:00 St. Patrick's Hospital, Dublin
12 January - 18:00 St. Patrick's Hospital, Dublin
13 January - 18:00 St. Patrick's Hospital, Dublin

Ticket €10 Book Now
Cast: Hayley McCormack, Saoirse O'Coineen and Daniel O'Brien
Directed by: Aileen Power & Daniel O'Brien
Written & Produced by: Aileen Power

There will be a post-show discussion after the Sat 12 Jan matinee performance.


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