Support for Ukraine

19 September, 2023

Stress and resilience | Psychoeducation session in Ukrainian

Illustration of three hands held together in a gesture support, surrounded by a ring of sunflowers to represent a symbol of Ukraine

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS) hosted a webinar on stress and resilience for refugees, volunteers working with refugees, and mental health professionals from Ukraine.

The psychoeducational webinar, which took place on 19 September, provides information about understanding stress and strategies for stress resilience. Psychoeducation is a process aimed at informing people about mental health difficulties.

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services проводить вебінар про Стрес та стресостійкість для української громади. Ви можете дізнатися більше про цю цей вебінар і про те, як його відвідати, нижче.

The session is delivered by Debbie van Tonder, a Psychiatric Nurse with a Master of Sciences (MSc) in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and an MSc in Healthcare Management. Debbie completed her nursing training in South Africa. She emigrated to Ireland in 2008 and joined our team at SPMHS as a psychiatric nurse. She is currently the programme manager for the community-based Dean Clinics and adolescent service. She did her postgraduate training in Ireland. Debbie has dedicated her career to enhancing mental health service provision and advocating for the needs of people with mental health difficulties.

As an English-speaking organisation, we are working with a Ukrainian translator, who translates information given in the session into the Ukrainian language in real time.

You can watch the session below.