Women’s Mental Health Network

12 March, 2021

Women’s Mental Health and COVID-19: Opportunities for Change and Advocacy

The Women's Mental Health Network (WMHN) hosts a webinar on women's mental health and COVID-19.

The webinar aims to explore some of what is known at present about the gendered impacts and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic one year on, with a particular focus on women in later life, women experiencing mental health difficulties, and pertinent social determinants of mental health.

Joining the event includes:

It is hoped that this session spotlights for attendees the gender inequalities that have arisen and been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and, most importantly, opportunities for social change, advocacy and action.

You can watch the webinar back below.

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The WMHN is a network of people and organisations with a committed interest in women’s mental health issues, developed by the National Women’s Council (NWC) and St Patrick’s Mental Health Services.

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