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Collaborative Efforts

Join the Women’s Mental Health Network

Join the Women’s Mental Health Network

St Patricks Mental Health Services (SPMHS) and the National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) have come together to develop a Women’s Mental Health Network (WMHN). This is a network of people and organisations with a committed interest in women’s mental health issues.

The network has two aims:

  • To provide a forum for information-sharing and networking among interested parties
  • To advance interdisciplinary and multi-agency collaboration to progress shared aims and goals in the promotion of women’s mental health issues.

The network’s activities will include:

  • An information-providing and information-sharing webpage, initially hosted on both NWCI and SPMHS websites
  • A mailing list to provide members with updates
  • Networking events hosted collaboratively by SPMHS and NWCI

How do I become a member?

If you would like to learn more about becoming a member of the network, please contact Louise O’Leary, Advocacy Project Manager, St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services, at, or (01) 2493 336. You can withdraw your membership at any time in the same way.