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St Patrick’s Mental Health Services provides a free mental health information centre based in St Patrick’s University Hospital. The centre is run by hospital staff, with the assistance of a team of volunteers.

The centre is open to current service users, family members, supporters and the general public. Staff in the centre can provide guidance and help in accessing the most relevant mental health information and services, as well as information on support groups and service user rights and entitlements.

There are a wide range of books for sale on all aspects of mental health and wellness, as well as mindfulness and relaxation CDs.

The Information Centre also has information on a wide variety of mental health conditions in addition to information on programmes and services available in St Patrick’s Mental Health Services. Visitors are welcome to come into the centre to browse the information available and can read books in the Centre.

The Information Centre is temporarily located near the lecture hall and is open daily from 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and 9.00am – 4.00pm on Friday. Please feel free to visit and we will try to help you with your query or information requirements. If you are unable to visit you can contact us on 01 249 3469.

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Take a tour

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Carers & supporters

Support and Information

Take your first step by making a call: speak to a mental health professional today.

01 249 3333

Referral and Assessment Service

Contact us for queries regarding referrals to our service.

01 249 3635 Referrals & Admissions