06 November, 2020

Asking for a Parent podcast with Dr Coleman Noctor

Dr Colman Noctor was joined by our Head of our Communications, Advocacy and Engagement Tamara Nolan, on his new parenting podcast, 'Asking for a Parent'.

“We want our children to be socially conscious...but we also don’t want them up all night worrying about the numbers and trying to get the balance is going to be difficult”

'Asking for a Parent' will discuss the most common and complex child-rearing challenges and provide better ways for listeners to understand a child’s behaviour, with ‘real world’ solutions and while understanding parental pressures.

In this episode, he is joined by Tamara Nolan, Head of our Communications, Advocacy and Engagement department, to answer listener questions.

Topics discussed include managing COVID-19 related anxiety, the contemporary issue of parenting young adults who stay up all night and sleep all day, managing the attention economy when you have a child with chronic illness and the concept of parental guilt.

The complexities of adolescent friendships are also discussed alongside protecting teenagers self-worth, protecting children’s development without overwhelming them, understanding self-harm and approaching anxiety-related bedwetting.

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