14 November, 2017

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services leads the way in Irish healthcare with new EHR system – eSwift

St Patrick’s Mental Health Services has furthered its reputation as an industry leader within Irish healthcare, by becoming the first hospital in the country to introduce a fully integrated electronic health record system, entitled eSwift.

eSwift was first introduced to its adolescent facility, Willow Grove, on September 27th. It then went live in both St Patrick's, Lucan and St Patrick’s University Hospital on October 11th. The full implementation will be completed when eSwift goes live in its community Dean Clinics at the end of November.

An electronic health record is a digital version of a Service User's paper chart which is updated and accessed electronically by healthcare providers. The service user’s journey, from referral, to admission, care, attendance, and discharge is recorded electronically.

The decision to move away from 270 years of paper based records was made in order to improve the use of data analytics, which will help the hospital enhance the experience of service users.

The aim of eSwift is to improve delivery, safety and quality of health care for all service users through better access to information while protecting privacy and confidentiality of all information.  It will provide a flexible and integrated process of care, and, using an evidence based approach, improve overall management of health resources and services across the organisation.  

CEO Paul Gilligan commented on the positive changes eSwift will have on both the organisation and those using its services. He said: “For over 270 years, service user records have been paper based. However, at St Patricks, our services are continually reviewed, changed and updated to ensure our service users can take advantage of the latest innovations.

“The implementation of the EHR will improve clinical processes, informatics capabilities and work flow efficiencies, improving mental health outcomes for those who use our service.”

Orla Gogarty, Director of ICT, Business Development and Information Governance expanded on the positive changes that eSwift will have for St Patrick’s Mental Health Services and the care it provides.

She said: “eSwift will bring a significant modernising change to our organisation and offers a major opportunity to transform the way we provide and record our care to our service users. It will improve our information accessibility, quality and governance.”

“An additional benefit is that it will streamline workflows and processes which support care delivery and facilitate service user communication and information sharing between staff anytime anywhere.”

The following are just some of the ways eSwift will change and improve St Patrick’s Mental Health Services on a day-to-day level;

  • Core Data will be saved, so clinical staff won’t have to record or ask service users for information twice.
  • The system will create letters, such as appointment letters where the service users’ address and appointment details will automatically be filled in.
  • Reports will be generated from the system data analysis can be done more easily, e.g. a list of planned discharges for the next day.
  • Blood results will be available electronically as soon as the Laboratory completes them.
  • Clinical staff will be able to see what medicines have been prescribed and administered.
  • Clinical staff will be able to see who is admitted to a bed, who is planned to be admitted and a service users planned discharged date or if they are on leave.
  • They will also see the Service Users Care plan and they will be able to see what appointments are planned for the service user.
  • eSwift will also improve the process of providing evidence of Mental Health Commission regulatory compliance.

Ms Gogarty added: “Patricks Mental Health Services and its staff have approached the implementation of eSwift with energy, commitment and focus.

“A Strategic project of this scale is always challenging but the clinical, technical and project management skill mix within the eSwift team has been a critical success factor. We look forward to continuing the delivery the benefits of eSwift for our service users and staff.”

This is an exciting time for St Patrick’s Mental Health Services as they strengthen services via eSwift and enhance their ability to provide the highest quality mental health care to those experiencing mental health difficulties.

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