Anxiety Disorders Programme

The Anxiety Disorders Programme, based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and compassion mindfulness-based approaches, focuses on addressing the physical, psychological and behavioural aspects of anxiety disorders using group psychotherapy.

The Anxiety Disorders Programme was specially founded to provide for the needs of people with a primary anxiety disorder. This is a core feature of the Anxiety Disorders Service and is a unique diagnostic treatment programme for this client group.

The programme caters for the needs of a wide range of disorders:

The aims of the programme include increasing knowledge and understanding through psycho-education, group and individualised psychotherapy.

Additionall,y it provides individuals the opportunity to learn therapeutic skills and strategies to help overcome their difficulties. It focuses on addressing the physical, psychological and behavioural aspects of the anxiety disorder using group psychotherapy. The therapeutic framework of the programme is based on CBT and compassionate mindfulness-based approaches.

The Anxiety Disorders Service is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, assessment, treatment and aftercare service for sufferers from primary anxiety disorders. It aims to deliver the best available treatments for anxiety in an accessible and flexible way as well as providing follow up care and support for those that need it.

This programme is available for inpatients and day patients.


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