Young Adult Programme

The Young Adult Programme (YAP) is a trans-diagnostic service meaning that the YAP accepts any young person in between the ages of 18-25 with any mental health diagnosis. YAP is designed so a young person has someone they can talk to, whether it is a mental health professional or their peers in an inclusive and comfortable environment.

Young Adult Programme Group Design

Young Adult Programme Group Design

The programme has been carefully designed to include discussion groups and leisure activities that aid recovery from mental illness. YAP aims to increase ones self-esteem, facilitate ones recovery, and to learn more about how to manage ones mental health problems. The programme can be attended on an in-patient and out-patient basis and is focused on getting better and staying well.

All aspects of the programme are delivered via group sessions or group activities. Group sizes may vary from time to time but the support provided by those attending is very important. It creates a sense of ‘not being the only one’ and hope in one’s own recovery.

The programme is on-going. People join the groups at any stage in the cycle. Therefore there are people at different stages of their recovery. Some people join the programme soon after they come into hospital, some come directly through day services and some attend from home after discharge.

Many people attend the programme in conjunction with one of the other services in the hospital, e.g. Depression Programme, Living Through Distress, Anxiety Programme or Psychosis Programme. The staff from the different programmes work closely together with each young person. Each week your programme or combination of programmes, i.e. YAP and Depression is reviewed with you and some changes may be made. The aim for you is to get maximum benefit from whatever programme is planned for you so that your individual needs are met.

About the Team

About the Team

The Multidisciplinary team (MDT) at St Patrick’s University Hospital Programme has a wide range of experience. The programme co-ordinator co-ordinate the day-to-day running of the programme and will be especially involved in your care. They will meet before you start the programme and will work out with you when and what you would like to attend. They will be in daily contact with you when you have started and will liaise with your treating team. Many young people are under the care of Dr Powers’ team but equally, many attend from other teams within the hospital. Dr Power is the director and will see you individually and/or in the group session.

Support and Information

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