Child Safeguarding Statement

Here, you will find the Child Safeguarding Statement of St Patrick's Mental Health Services.



St Patrick's Mental Health Services (SPMHS) provides mental healthcare to young people between 12 and 17 years of age on an inpatient (Willow Grove Adolescent Unit) and outpatient basis (Willow Grove Adolescent Service; Dean Clinics Lucan and Cork).

In accordance with the requirement of the Children's Act 2015, Children's First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2017, SPMHS has developed this Child Safeguarding Statement.

Guiding principles adhered to by SPMHS

Guiding principles adhered to by SPMHS

SPMHS recognises that the welfare and protection of children is of paramount importance, regardless of all other considerations.

SPMHS commits to the following:

  • Fully comply with statutory obligations under the Children First Act 2015
  • Fully cooperate with the relevant authorities in relation to child protection and welfare
  • Adopt safe practices to minimise the possibility of harm or accidents happening to children
  • Fully respect confidentiality requirements in dealing with child protection matters.

Designated Liaison Person

A Designated Liaison Person (DLP) is a resource person for any staff member or volunteer who has child protection concerns. The DLP facilitates liaison with outside agencies. They are responsible for ensuring that reporting procedures within SPMHS are followed. They record all concerns brought to their attention and the actions taken in relation to a concern.

The DLP in SPMHS is:

The deputy DLP in SPMHS is:

SPMHS has undertaken a risk assessment to identify any potential harm to a child while availing of our services. This is available in the SPMHS Child Protection Policy.



SPMHS has a variety of policies and protocols in place to ensure the safeguarding of children and adolescents to whom we provide services (listed in the Child Protection Policy).

On admission to Willow Grove Adolescent Unit, parents and young people receive an information booklet which provides an overview of the service and expectations of service users, their families and staff as part of the service user's care and treatment.

SPMHS operates a robust incident reporting system which ensures issues identified are addressed promptly and changes are implemented when required.

All procedures and policies are available on request.



We recognise that safeguarding is an ongoing process. Our service is committed to the continued operation of the actions in this Child Safeguarding Statement and the policies and procedures that support safeguarding.

This statement will be reviewed annually or more frequently if required.

This statement was signed by our Chief Executive Officer, Paul Gilligan, on 31 May 2023.

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