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12 February, 2018

Bulimia Nervosa Information Booklet

Bulimia Nervosa is one particular type of eating disorder which affects the person’s relationship with food and their body. Bulimia Nervosa is a condition where you think a lot about your body weight and shape. It affects your ability to have a “normal” eating pattern.

Bulimia Nervosa is an eating disorder in which people suffer recurrent episodes of uncontrolled overeating (binges).

The three main features are:

  • Intense preoccupation with body weight and shape
  • Repetitive episodes of binge eating (uncontrollably eating large quantities of food, usually within 2 hours)
  • Binge eating reinforces people’s fear of becoming fat and leads to a cycle of repeated counteractive extreme weight control behaviour such as:
    • Self induced vomiting
    • Laxative and Diuretic abuse
    • Fasting
    • Excessive exercise

Bulimia Nervosa Information Booklet

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