Radical Openness

Radical Openness (RO) is a group therapy programme for people who struggle with emotional over-control i.e. inhibited emotional expression, maintaining aloof and distant relationships and having rigid and rule governed behaviour.

The group aims to help participants develop more flexibility in three areas:

  1. Experiencing and expressing emotions
  2. Relating to other people
  3. Being more open to what life can offer


The Radical Openness programme consists of a total of 26 sessions. These take place twice a week for 11 weeks, with the remaining 4 sessions taking place once a week for 4 weeks at the end of the programme. While the group offers some practical skills elements, it is primarily group therapy.

Referring to the RO programme

Referrals are accepted from psychologists working with MDT’s at St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS). Currently places are only available to service users under the care of a consultant psychiatrist at SPMHS.

This programme is available for inpatients and day patients.

Support and Information

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