Psychology Skills Group for Young People

The Psychology Skills Group aims to provide young people who are experiencing a range of mental health difficulties with new ways of coping with distress.

The Psychology Skills Group is a skills training group based on learning a mixture of skills from Dialectical Behavioural Therapy for adolescents and Radical Openness (Lynch and al., 2016; Miller, Rathus and Linehan, 2006; Rathus and Miller, 2014).

The group invites parents or caregivers to attend the group alongside their young person to help support them in learning and practicing new coping skills.

The group runs for one afternoon per week for 20 weeks. The structure of the group features five modules each containing four sessions. Some modules will focus on improving your distress coping and problem-solving skills, while others will look at understanding your emotions and improving relationships. Modules also focus on reducing the conflict and improving communication and enhancing closeness between young people and their parents.