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16 December, 2019

Can Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treat anxiety?

During our 2019 Founder’s Day conference, we explored the experience of and treatment of anxiety. Our guest speakers talked about the importance of talk therapies, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), as well as research which finds CBT to be the most effective talk therapy for social anxiety.

Many people are generally aware of CBT, but don’t necessarily understand it fully. In our podcast linked below, journalists and broadcasters, Barbara Scully and Declan Buckley, talk to Dr Craig Chigwedere, a psychotherapist at St Patrick's University Hospital and clinical lecturer at Trinity College Dublin, to find out more.

As Dr Chigwedere explains:

"Mental health problems are not something unique to a certain group of people, but they are an expansion of what most of us experience. When you have a problem that affects your life, either in terms of your social and professional relationships or your functioning in general, it might be worth seeking out CBT.” 

See our new statistics on the prevalence of anxiety in Ireland

See our new statistics on the prevalence of anxiety in Ireland