28 September, 2023

Winner of Favourite Painting 2023 announced

Left to right: Chief Executive Officer of St Patrick's, artist Geraldine O'Reilly Hynes, and Dr Conor Farren of St Patrick's in front of Geraldine's painting, Being There, at the ceremony to announce it as winner of Favourite Painting 2023.

Artist Geraldine O’Reilly Hynes has been named the winner of our Favourite Painting competition in 2023.

Dr Conor Farren, Chair of the Art Committee here in St Patrick’s Mental Health Services (SPMHS), announced that Geraldine’s painting, Being There, had received the highest number of votes in this year’s competition.

Favourite Painting is run by our Art Committee, who invite some of Ireland’s top art galleries to enter a selection of paintings into an exhibition which is held in the Arts Space of St Patrick’s University Hospital (SPUH). Our service users, staff and visitors are then invited to see the exhibition, either in person or online, and to vote for the painting they most prefer.

Artist Geraldine O’Reilly Hynes and representatives from the Doorway Gallery, which submitted her painting, attended a ceremony held in the Arts Space on 28 September to reveal and celebrate the winner.

Being There will now be added to the permanent art collection here in SPMHS, and displayed on our campus for service users, visitors and staff to admire and enjoy for many years.

Speaking at the ceremony, winning artist Geraldine O’Reilly Hynes said of her painting, Being There: “Being there is a feeling that I try to imbue all my paintings with. I love to absorb the essence of my surroundings, paying particular attention to the minutiae of detail, incidentals, which I hope, when depicted in my paintings, enhances this notion or feeling for the viewer.”

“Painting, walking, gardening and trying out new creative things can be solitary pursuits, most engaging during the processes, requiring one to stay focused, in the now, being present. This award encourages me to continue making art and I am grateful for this acknowledgement of my work.”

Congratulations to Geraldine and the Doorway Gallery, and thank you to all our participating artists and galleries; feedback on the exhibition and all the paintings on show was incredibly strong.

You can continue to view the Favourite Painting exhibition below.

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