Involuntary admissions

St Patrick's University Hospital, as a Mental Health Commission approved centre, provides care and treatment for involuntary service users in a way that is;

  • Respectful of the service user’s dignity, ability to consent, right to freedom and his or her best interests
  • In full compliance with the legal and procedural requirements as laid out in the Mental Health Act 2001.

The purpose of this guidance is to assist GPs to accurately complete relevant Mental Health Commission forms the first time. By avoiding form completion errors, time can be saved in not having to repeat the process. 

GP guidelines for referring involuntary admission

  1. The GP makes contact with the hospital through the CNM2 Assessment Unit (01 249 3640) between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, and with the on-call Registrar and Assistant Director of Nursing (01 249 3200) outside of these times.
  2. The GP ensures that the relevant Application Form 1- 4, Recommendation Form 5 and the St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services Referral Form are completed correctly.
  3. The GP needs to fax St Patrick's University Hospital the relevant forms at 01 249 3609 prior to the service user's arrival.
  4. These forms must be inspected by authorised staff at St Patrick's University Hospital before the decision is made to accept the care of the service user. Inaccurate completion of forms can lead to the unlawful detention of a service user.
  5. The GP may request that St Patrick's University Hospital arrange for assistance in bringing the service user to the hospital.
  6. The GP must ensure that the original Mental Health Act paperwork (Form 1-5) accompanies the service user to St Patrick's University Hospital with a family member or with the assisted admission team.

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Contact numbers

Contact numbers

Hospital admissions
01 249 3635 (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday)

01 249 3200 (outside of the hours above)

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