Mood Management

The Mood Management programme is aimed at individuals who suffer with depression and as a result, reduced interaction or motivation to participate in life activities.

The course aims to help individuals feel more empowered in their mood management.

Often in a depressive episode, individuals struggle to feel motivated to engage in even minimum activity. This programme is designed to help individuals identify the link between behaviour and mood, encouraging increases in activity to help elevate mood.

The course aims to help the service user;

  • foster attitudes, skills and behaviours conducive to sustaining recovery and health.
  • explore and challenge maintaining factors of depression.
  • encourage participants to discover their personal formulation and to generate therapeutic change

The programme is delivered by members of a multidisciplinary team which includes a Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Clinical Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Social Worker and Pharmacist. The psychosis recovery programme is an intensive 3 week programme catering for both inpatient and day patients. It aims to provide education around psychosis, recovery strategies and specialist cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) skills to help participants cope with the distressing symptoms of psychosis.

This is a day patient programme.

Programme Breakdown

  • Week 1

    • Introduction and understanding of depression
    • Mindfulness
  • Week 2

    • Understanding the role of behavioural activation in managing depression, and barriers to change introducing activity records
    • Mindfulness
  • Week 3, 4

    • Identifying unhelpful and helpful behaviours and goal setting for behavioural change introducing activity scheduling
    • Mindfulness
  • Week 5, 6, 7

    • Getting out of the trap and back on track
    • Mindfulness
  • Week 8

     Review and consolidation.

This programme runs for a half day a week for 8 weeks. There will be a maximum of 14 participants.

This is a day patient programme based at St Patrick's, Lucan.

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