Compassion Focused Therapy - Eating Disorders

The Compassion Focused Therapy group for Eating Disorders (CFT-E) is a closed group which offers a comprehensive psychological therapy for individuals who can manage recovery from their eating disorder in the community.

The group operates according to a trans-diagnostic model and can facilitate individuals with a range of eating disorders. The individuals who will benefit from this intervention tend to share many common problems including being worried about their size, shape, and weight. They are also likely to use food, dieting, activity, vomiting or weight loss drugs to manage difficult experiences, relationships, or painful thoughts, feelings and memories.

The group incorporates psycho-education for both patients and their family members; skill building and therapeutic elements. It aims to target both the biological factors and the underlying psychological processes which underpin and maintain an eating disorder. The group helps patients to develop a more compassionate sense of self and fosters social connectedness. The group is particularly suitable for individuals who struggle with shame, guilt or self-criticism.

This is a day patient programme.

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