Service User and Supporters Council

The Service User and Supporters Council (SUAS) is a forum established by St Partick's Mental Health Services (SPMHS) in 2005 to facilitate extensive service user participation, which directly informs how we, as an organisation, develop our services. In 2018, a comprehensive independent evaluation of SUAS was undertaken, which identified a set of key recommendations. The results of the evaluation were ratified by the Board and progress has been made on the implementation of the recommendations.

During 2018, SUAS members were involved in delivering presentations to staff and to other service users, as well as providing input and feedback on some key SPMHS initiatives and taking part in staff interview panels. A service user nominee from SUAS sits on our Board of Governors, and service users participate in a wide range of areas across SPMHS.

Members also participated on Walk in My Shoes Radio and produced blogs and articles to support the recovery and anti-stigma messages espoused by SPMHS. Changes in membership of the council saw a number of new members joining in 2018, each of whom are committed to furthering the aims and objectives of SUAS.

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