Breaking New Ground in Mental Health Research

Follow-up assessments for the KARMA-Dep (Ketamine as an Adjunctive Therapy for Major Depression) trial finished in October 2018, with results due in 2019. This study investigated ketamine as an additional treatment to standard inpatient care for people suffering from acute depression. A spin-off study involving ketamine as an adjunct treatment for acute depression for patients receiving electro-convulsive therapy (ECT), KARMA-Dep 2, was awarded a major funding grant of over €883,000 from the Health Research Board in 2018.

Recruitment for AMBER-Dep (Autobiographical Memory and Depression) is ongoing. This study will improve our understanding of memory, depression and ECT, and will facilitate advances in the treatment of severe depression.

Recruitment for the Impact of Eating Disorders on Biological Ageing Study began in August 2018. The results of this study will provide further information on the biological effects of eating disorders on the body and guide treatment plans for patients.

The Department of Psychology has continued its significant research programme. In 2018, its publications notably focused on Group Radical Openness (GRO), its innovative programme for emotional overcontrol. In the American journal, the Behavior Therapist, the special edition on Radical Openness included an article by the SPMHS team and many references to our pioneering work and research in this area.

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