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Demand for services remained robust in 2018 reflecting the trust of service users in St Patrick's Mental Health Services (SPMHS). Over the course of the year, there were 2,426 admissions to our inpatient services in St Patrick's University Hospital (SPUH), 527 to St Edmundsbury Hospital (SEH); 88 to our Willow Grove Adolescent Unit (WGAU); and 15,638 day care attendances.

Inpatient Admission Rates

The following analyses summarise inpatient admission information - including gender ratios, age and length of stay distributions (LOS) - across the three approved centres in SPMHS – SPUH, SEH and WGAU – for 2018.

Inpatient Admission Rates

Number of Admissions 2018

The table below shows inpatient admission numbers and the percentage (%) rates for male and female admissions. In 2018, 61.9% of admissions across all three approved centres were female, compared to 60.6% in 2017 and 62.4% in 2016.

Female 368 (69.8% 1,457 (60.1%) 56 (63.6%) 1,881 (61.9%)
Male 159 (30.2%) 969 (39.9%) 32 (36.4%) 1,160 (38.1%)
Total 527 (100%) 2,426 (100%) 88 (100%) 3,041 (100%)


Average Age at Admission 2018

The table below shows the average age of service users admitted across the three approved centres was 49.14 years in 2018.  This compares to a figure of 48.58 years in 2017.  The average age of adolescents admitted to WGAU was 16.17 years in 2018, as compared with 15.49 years in 2017.  The average age of adults admitted to SEH was 55.36 years in 2018 and 55.51 years in 2017.  Finally, the average age of adults admitted to SPUH was 49.66 years in 2018, compared with 49 years in 2017.   

  SEH SPUH Total Adult WGAU Total
Female 55.84 50.75 51.65 16.07 50.13
Male 54.33 48.10 48.88 16.34 47.62
Total 55.36 49.66 50.55 16.17 49.14


Day Patient Attendances

There were 17,784 appointments at our Dean Clinics in 2018, representing 15,801 adult appointments and 1,983 adolescent appointments. Of note, the average Did Not Attend (DNA) rate is significantly less than the national average and a positive reflection on the value placed on the Dean Clinic service.

Day Patient Attendances

Day Programmes Attendance

SPMHS Day Programmes

Total Day Patient Attendances 2018
Depression Programme 1,516
Access to Recovery 1,563
Eating Disorder 1,566
Recovery Programme 1,450
Anxiety Programme 1,287
Alcohol Stepdown 1,242
Radical Openness 771
Living Through Distress 1,348
Pathways to Wellness 1.174
Acceptance Commitment Therapy 822
Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) 778
Psychology Skills Older Adults (Sage) 303
Schema Therapy 228
CFT Eating Disorders 300
Living Through Psychosis 200
Mindfulness (SPUH) 0
Mindfulness (SEH) 277
Healthy Self Esteem 144
Bipolar Programme 238
Psychology Skills Adolescents 168
Radical Openness (SEH) 103
Mood Management 26
Roles in Transition 85
Young Adult Programme 34
Psychosis Programme 11
Driving Assessments 4
TOTAL 15,638


Dean Clinics Attendance

Adult Service

Number of referrals 1,615
Number of mental health assessments 1,012
Number of mental health appointments 15,801


Adolescent Service

Number of referrals 606
Number of mental health assessments 130
Number of mental health appointments 1,983


Rights-Based Care and Treatment

The Mental Health Act 2001 and associated regulations are important legislative requirements that protect the rights of the individual. These regulations ensure that those experiencing mental health issues can access healthcare in a way that protects their human rights. Under this legislation, service users also receive independent reviews of their mental health, their course in hospital, and the requirement for them to remain in hospital.

Rights-Based Care and Treatment

4.9% of all admissions to SPUH in 2018 were made under the Mental Health Act. In total, service users were treated under the Mental Health Act on 121 occasions in 2018. During the year, 104 independent Mental Health Tribunals were facilitated in SPMHS. On 128 occasions in 2018, inpatient service users who requested a discharge against medical advice were supported through the (discharge against medical advice) process.

Compliance with Mental Health Commission Standards

Over the course of 2018, we maintained an exemplary record of achieving consistent quality standards from the regulator, the Mental Health Commission. In 2018, the Mental Health Commission published its Annual Report for 2017, and referred to SPMHS as “outstanding”, adding that we “deliver person-centred care and foster a multidisciplinary approach”.

Compliance with Mental Health Commission Standards

In June 2018, the Mental Health Commission implemented Version 5 of the Judgement Support Framework, a document developed to assist Approved Centres in complying with the Mental Health Act 2001 and to promote the continuous improvement of quality of services provided. Staff working throughout our organisation maintained their commitment to quality, achieving a high level of compliance with these regulations in each Approved Centre.

Outcomes Measures

SPMHS is one of the first mental health organisations in Ireland to produce, on an annual basis, a report that attempts to collate, analyse and synthesise information relating to the organisation’s outcomes.

Outcomes Measures

Our 2018 Outcomes Report presents results relating to clinical care, clinical governance processes, clinical programmes, and service user satisfaction rates within SPMHS. In its eighth year, the report is central to our promotion of excellence in mental health care. By measuring and publishing outcomes of our services, we strive to understand what we do well and what we need to continue to improve.

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