Mindfulness origins are derived from the Buddhist practice of ‘living in the moment'.

It is the practice of purposefully paying attention moment by moment, in a non-judgemental way. The practice is sometimes referred to as "practicing being", that is, the tuning into each moment in an effort to remain awake and aware from one moment to the next.

The practice includes:

  • Learning how to make time for oneself.
  • Learning how to slow down and nurture calmness and self-acceptance in oneself.
  • Purposefully allowing the body and mind to come to rest in the moment, no matter what is "on" ones mind or how ones body feels.

Mindfulness Based Approaches

Mindfulness based approaches are aimed at teaching people a set of skills to help manage daily and ongoing difficulties that present for them, encompassing physical and psychological problems or challenges.

The approaches combine ancient understandings with current knowledge, understanding and research. The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course focuses on empowering people to open up to their experiences, ‘be present' and cultivate the kinder, compassionate self.

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