Living Through Psychosis

The Living Through Psychosis Group aims to provide skills necessary to cope with the distress that living with psychosis can bring.

Psychosis is a mental health difficulty that impacts on a person’s way of thinking, feeling and behaving and it can also impact on how the person relates to loved ones.

The skills particularly target staying well after psychosis and attempts to reduce the likelihood of relapse. The group provides a follow up for those who have already completed the Psychosis Education Programme

The Program aim to address beliefs about psychosis, to reduce the likelihood of relapse, to reduce distress and preoccupation associated with symptoms and to increase hope and everyday functioning.

Eight skills are delivered in the programme, which currently runs twice a week, for four weeks at a time. A bi-monthly aftercare group is also provided for those who complete the programme.

This programme is available for inpatients and day patients.

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