CRAFT Programme

This is an eight-week comprehensive Family Training Programme designed to empower any family member/Concerned Significant Other ‘Living with Addiction’.

Family members can, and do, make important contributions in areas of addiction treatment, and can play a powerful role in reducing their loved one’s harmful drinking or using, engage them into treatment, and improve their own emotional, physical and relationship functioning.

CRAFT teaches the skills to train and prepare any family member/CSO to influence their loved one, whether in treatment or resisting treatment.

CRAFT’s 3 Major Goals

  • Reduce loved one’s harmful drinking/using
  • Engage loved ones into treatment
  • Improve the functioning of the Concerned Significant Other


  • Empower CSO to influence change
  • Train CSO in behaviour change skills
  • Improve CSO’s quality of life
  • Prepare CSO for treatment engagement

Rationale for Working with CSO’s

  • Substance abusers often report that family pressure prompted treatment seeking
  • CSO’s can influence substance abusers’ behaviour due to extensive contact
  • CSO’s also need help (victims of violence, financial problems, and marital conflict etc.)

CRAFT Programme Description for the CSO


  • Skills-based
  • Active during sessions (Role Plays)
  • Active between sessions (Assignments)

Duration: 8 Sessions over 8 weeks for 2 hours on a Thursday evening from 6.00pm - 8.00pm.

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